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August Serenade

Wings of Words...

Aizawa Mika
4 August
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Name: Aizawa Mika, Moonie, Moon Child, blue, Isatelsa (my alter ego), YP, Autumny

Age: 18 turning 19

Is a Malaysian from Kuala Lumpur but currently resides in Perth, Australia for my studies in Murdoch University.

I love reading and writing, watching animes and mangas. Can't live without DBSK, I swear I will fall into depression without them. Love chocolates, and enjoys shopping and doing pedi and mani occassionaly. Always always crap too much in my blog, and has a tendency to be happier when I have money XD Is a major fangirl, and I love taking photos of food and sceneries and indulging in them. =) Has a knack for tear jerkers.

I hate insects, worms, lack of sleep, cockroaches, backstabbers, snakes, spiders, dirt, dust, noisy and crammed places. Does not smoke, does not drink. I am very sensitive to noise and gets a bad day whenever I get disturbed by noise when I'm sleeping. Can be cranky when assignments are killing my brain.

I do have a Deviantart, Soompi, FF.net account.

by 0kiwi0