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Please allow me to <3

Oh my. I didn't realise amu tan has an albummmmmmmmmmmm allow me to squeallllllll

amu tan kakoii :D :D :D!! I'm just going to forget about the fact that I've got bills to pay off wahhaha! Buy buy buy!!


In Sydney nowww

Just arrived in Sydney yesterday for a 2 weeks holiday (and JLPT exam boo)

It can be pretty humid here D: But other than that, the weather's alright! Though my nose is starting to feel annoying this morning from all the sinus... (I usually get it in humid conditions).

I don't feel shocked or anything about the crowds and traffic (in contrast to how everybody tells me it's going to be SO SO CROWDED) haha. It feels like I'm in KL, the less congested Australia version with more Westerners.

I feel so dead right now because I couldn't sleep well last night. Only slept for about 3-4 hours? omg. ugh.

Hopefully it will be a good holiday... The only wish I have is to STOP SNEEZING NOWWWWWWW.

Meeting Tedy for dinner tonight. :)


amu-tan!!! 深夜放送やめてよ!

Hi everybody! Long time no update :D

amu is nuts. He's having live in the middle of the morning/night whatever you call it at 4.30am Japan time (right when I was about to head to bed).

Hahahaha and he's talking about food oden, sweets, etc etc. I'm starving amu, shut up ;__; And how he ate curry cup noodles for dinner lol. And everyone is saying that they have work but don't wanna sleep because of him haha and he said, "Please go to sleep, I always have lives anyway". AS IF. His lives are always in the middle of the night ;__;

I swear he's a super DO S. lol

And why am I awake? mmm felt really sick so I slept from 6pm to 12 am and I'm awake to do my job apps and now heading to bed again...

But amu!!!!!!! Stop it haha I need sleep.

Bye peoplee :) :)




I can't even keep up with my NicoNico fandom anymore!!!!! There's just too much updates to be digested!!!!!


Sorry if I've been neglecting you my friends!! D:

Ruka ruka naito fibaaaaaa

Oh Gero, you are forever so amusing XD.

Been having lack of NicoNico dosage :( Work is taking me off my fandom ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!
I haven't heard a single live in months! D: That explains my lack of updates... Can you believe it ;__;

And it's going to be August in 2 days.... o_o omg what.


Guess what? I'm teaching Maths.

Never in this life I thought I'll ever teach Maths!!!! Hhaha I mean sure, yeah it's Grade 8 Maths... but... omg MATHS?!!!!!!

For those of you who are confused, one of my part time jobs is as a tutor. Recently been teaching in a tuition center on Saturday. Not to say I love the job, but hey, it's not exactly a bad job and it pays off my whole week's rent even though it's just a day of work... so I'm not complaining.

Prep work is insane though. I hate preparing for classesssss hahaha. I shall never look down on teachers, EVER AGAIN. So bloody stressful.

And there might be a pay raise in my support worker job!!! Hopefully the govt funding comes through......

Can't believe I'm saying this again after years... but, TIME TO STUDY MATHS AND SCIENCE~

Good night!


My ears...

Been getting this weird ringing sound in my ears on and off for a while...

I don't know whether its the cold or what, but I'm paranoid and I'm getting worried. I checked on google (yes, I'm hopeless haha) and people said that sounds without external noises (like airplanes, cars etc) are called Tinnitus. Blackmores company even said eating ginkgo helps with it. Loud noises might trigger it too...

I guess I'm going to have to stop plugging my ipod in my ears for a while and see how it goes.

Urgh, please please please let it be nothing.

And for the record, I failed another job interview. Sigh.

俺らが歌う時(コゲ犬&蛮 ver)

Best thing ever tonight. The starting dialogue was funny and the song blew off my mind. 8D! Both of them are just amazing!! Especially amazed by Koge's high voice here but then again heheh I'm always bias 8D

Good night! Job interview tomorrow afternoon D: I hope it goes okayyyyyyy *crosses fingers* (.__.)


I WANT! Nem's Garden

:Q_______ my birthday is in August ok? hehehee

lol lol jk. BUT I REALLY WANT THIS o_o BEST. CD. EVER. and it's NEM. cryyyyyyyyyy


YunHo, you charming piece of human being <3



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